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The Rangers Crest

Club History
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The famous 'RFC' Scroll crest is instantly recognisable to football fans across the world and is steeped in history.

It is believed to have been used by the Club since its formation in 1872 although the oldest item to be found with this crest stamped on it is from 1881-82 season. The Members Ticket for Rangers' previous home at Kinning Park is now on display in the Ibrox Trophy Room and this traditional design remained in place for over 70 years.

In 1959 the club moved away from this detail, replacing the Scroll crest with a lion and the Club's now famous motto  'READY'.  A new circular look was also chosen, as can be seen from the image taken from a Rangers Handbook from 1959-60. 

At the end of the 60s this again changed with Rangers having to register a new Crest which would become synonymous with the Club.  The 'READY' Crest again featured a circular design but with 'The Rangers Football Club Ltd' shortened to 'Rangers Football Club' on the outer rim.  In the middle a larger football was put in place with the lion and 'Ready' motto more prominent. This has remained the same ever since.

Although the 'RFC' Scroll Crest was omitted in 1959 it made a welcome return in 1968 when it was placed on the club's home jersey for the very first time.  It was later added to the shorts a decade later for the start of the 1978-99 season.

Over the years there have been minor alterations to the Scroll Crest found on the club's strips.  From 1990 to 1994 'Rangers Football Club' and the 'READY' motto were placed above and below the Crest respectively on the Admiral and Adidas manufactured jerseys. 

In 1997-98 the Crest was placed in a shield in what was Nike's first year in partnership with the Club but perhaps the most significant change was before the start of the 2003/04 campaign.  Having clinched their 50th League Championship under the guidance of Alex McLeish, a year in which Rangers secured a domestic Treble, the Club decided to add five stars above the Scoll Crest, one for every ten titles won.

Since 2015, there have been suggestions shareholder Mike Ashley holds the rights to the Rangers crests as part of various complicated retail contracts.